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About Us

our mission statement

Twin Kell Cleaners promises to provide quality on time cleaning with friendly, helpful and
competent service. Twin Kell will re-clean or re-press any item to your satisfaction. In the
unlikely event you are still not satisfied, Twin Kell will refund your money. Twin Kell offers
expediting services including pressing or spot cleaning while you wait. Minor repairs such
as button replacement can also be made in a few minutes.

The production crew of Twin Kell Cleaners has many skilled veterans with practical
knowledge and expertise. Rest assured your garments will be subject to master
craftsmanship and handling. If they do not have the answers to garment restoration they
have an array of resources who do.

The staff of customer service representatives is committed to serving the needs of
customers. They will go to any extreme to make sure your experience is a pleasurable
one. If you have an emergency or urgent matter, systematic procedures are in place to
assist you!

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